Special Feature: Amy Wright & William Wright

All Flow: An Interview with Amy Wright and William Wright by DANIEL CROSS TURNER; Six Vespers | New Logging Road | Weeks-long Rain by AMY WRIGHT & WILLIAM WRIGHT



Special Feature: Randall Jarrell Poetry Competition

The Randall Jarrell Poetry Competition honors the work and legacy of the poet and critic Randall Jarrell, who taught at what is now the University of North Carolina at Greensboro for nearly eighteen years. The competition is open to any writer who is a legal resident of North Carolina or a member of the North Carolina Writers’ Network.

Winner: To Pluto by SARAH HUENER; Runner-up: Antediluvian by RUTH MOOSE; Honorable Mention: Crater of Popocatépetl, Jean-Baptiste Louis Gros Artist’s Statement by MARIA ROUPHAIL