Issue 42 : Fall 2016

Special Feature: Amy Wright
& William Wright

All Flow: An Interview with Amy Wright and William Wright by DANIEL CROSS TURNER

Six Vespers | New Logging Road | Weeks-long Rain by AMY WRIGHT & WILLIAM WRIGHT

Special Feature: Randall Jarrell
Poetry Competition

Winner: To Pluto by SARAH HUENER

Runner-up: Antediluvian by RUTH MOOSE

Honorable Mention: Crater of Popocatépetl, Jean-Baptiste Louis Gros Artist’s Statement by MARIA ROUPHAIL


Global Warming by QUINN DALTON

The Night Swimmer by DAREN DEAN

Something to Be Desired by TOMMY HAYS

Return of the Clam Lady by JOHN OLIVER HODGES

A Beastly Thing by SARA LIPPMANN



Come to the Fort, Fair Lady by ED SOUTHERN

Novel Excerpt

Love at the Beach by SUSAN TEPPER


Weapons Discharge Report by DAN ALBERGOTTI

prestidigitation by TARA BETTS

When the sissies make love to every cardinal direction by KAYLEB RAE CANDRILLI

City, Surrounded | What I Want of This Worldby CHELSEA DINGMAN

Brain Charm by KARA KREWER

Dikembe Mutombo Pantoum by MICHAEL MARBERRY


Thirteen | Eighty | One Hundred and Seven by DAN O’BRIEN

On Keeping a Pet by MEGHANN PLUNKETT

Where I am Abram by HANNAH RIDDLE

Girl Myth (Arboreal) | The Northern Lights, as Seen from Mars by ELIZABETH LINDSEY ROGERS

The World Just Now, Emerging by LEAH SILVIEUS


Jazz Vocalists, Other Vocalists, Poetry, and the Technologies of Voice by DAVID BLAIR

A Dandelion is to Blow by JOANNA BRICHETTO


Peace With Honor by SARAH GRIGG

The Insanity Development by GEOFF WATKINSON


The Burn and the Salve: An Interview with Patricia Colleen Murphy by CAITLIN McCANN


‘System of Ghosts’ by Lindsay Tigue | ‘Playful Song Called Beautiful’ by John Blair | ‘Angel of Oblivion’ by Maja Haberlap by KELLY CHERRY

‘The Lower Quarter’ by Elise Blackwell by REBECCA DAVIS

‘Punch’ by Ray McManus by SEAN WHITEFORD

Issue 41 : Spring 2016

Special Feature: Andy Young

“The Efficacy of Poetry is Nil”: Lenses, the Lyric and Disaster by ANDY YOUNG

Far from Her in Egypt under Curfew | The People Is Singular | Woman Dancing on Her Son’s Coffin by ANDY YOUNG

Special Feature: Hastings Hensel

Inletting: An Interview with Hastings Hensel by DANIEL CROSS TURNER

At the Grave of The Fabulous Moolah | Go-Devil | Late Spring Inlet Arrangement by HASTINGS HENSEL



Fuckface by LEAH HAMPTON

One of the Men by LANA SPENDL

Sacrifice by TYRESE L. COLEMAN

Who Will Testify? by MAXIM LOSKUTOFF



Early Winter in the Psychiatric Ward by CHLOE HONUM

Introduction to Gerontology | Portrait of My Father as an Extra on Miami Vice by CHELSEA RATHBURN

Orpheus & EuroDisney by AMY WOOLARD

Rappahannock Bestiary | Smallmouth Bestiary by JON PINEDA

That Were It, Or | The Clutch by MARIELLE PRINCE

The Day His Pink Slip Came by ADAM TAVEL

The Point by C. DALE YOUNG

To the Egtved Girl | Where Are You Tonight? by CHAD TEMPLES

When Asked About My People I Say by EMILY NASON


Burnt Bridge by CHERYL SMART

Lost in the Reeds by WILLIAM GARLAND

What Are You Going to Do With the Rest of Your Life? by KELLY K. FERGUSON


Interview with Eliza Borné and Maxwell George by ROSS GARRISON

Interview with Jason Ockert by CARA BLUE ADAMS & DANIEL CROSS TURNER

Finding Love in Loss: An Interview with Kathleen Driskell by CAITLIN McCANN

Interview with Logen Cure by MICHELLE ROSQUILLO


Anders Carlson-Wee’s Dynamite by SHAWN DELGADO

Ginger Murchison’s a scrap of linen, a bone by SHAWN DELGADO

James Tate Hill’s Academy Gothic by REBECCA DAVIS

Lament on the Death of a Book Page: John S. Sledge’s Southern Bound by ROB MAXWELL

“The Wine and Flesh”: Stephen Massimilla & Myra Kornfeld’s Cooking with the Muse by CHLOE ANNE CAMPBELL


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