Two Fourteen

by Spencer Marstiller

there was an alarm and a ceiling fan
nudity breakfast shower dress
there was the car ride
blurry buildings
and the bird that flew through my open window


there were open windows

there was an office and a spiral staircase
there was mail junk eating
there were meetings
there was writing ads

there was I’m an ad writer

there were phone calls
and emails

there was the absence of a typewriter

there was breathe blink stretch
there was wind
there might have been rain
and passing cars

there was I sent you flowers
there was I called to make sure the card read
I will always love you
there was you’d always wanted flowers

there was I wish I’d given you a reason to stay instead

Spencer Marstiller, born in Richmond, Virginia, and educated at St Andrews Presbyterian College is now trying to “make it” as a screenwriter in Los Angeles. His chapbook, Typewriter Umbrellas, is available through St Andrews College Press.

Spencer Marstiller was nominated for Poets Under 30 by Ron Bayes.