Tongue & Groove

by Kevin Boyle

Our wooden cervical scrapers, tongue depressors, round sticks can be customized as per buyers’ requests, in bulk or individual packages, sterilized by ETO gas or gamma radiation. They are of high quality natural birch wood with smooth surfaces and round edges. Also you can have the following high quality products from us: Tongue depressors, wooden cervical scraper, wood cervical scraper, disposable spatula, wooden disposable cutlery, wooden toothpick, plastic toothpick, toothpick, hygienic chopsticks, wooden snack stick, wooden chip fork, chip forks, cotton tipped applicators, cotton tip applicator, cotton applicator, throat applicator, applicator sticks, wooden steak marker, disposable cervical scraper, disposable wooden cervical spatulas, wooden disposable cutlery, Medical Spoon, wooden ice cream stick, cocktail picks, wooden tongue depressor, cocktail parasol, wooden golf tee, wooden clothes pin, wooden cervical spatulas, wood spatula, wood tongue depressor, disposable tongue depressor, plastic tongue depressor, fruit pick, popsicle sticks, wooden snack stick, snack sticks, wooden chopsticks, wooden hot dog stick, hotdog sticks, wooden corn dog stick, corn dog sticks, wooden spoons for fecal samples, clothespins, clothes clips, clothes peg, coffee stirrer sticks, cervix sampler, wood ice cream stick, ice-cream sticks, ice-cream spoon, wooden coffee stirrer, wood coffee stirrer, wooden manicure stick, match stick, round sticks, dowel pins, buttons, plug, knob, spindle and ball, wooden slat, wooden paddle, wooden intelligence toy, colored sticks, disposable coffee stirrer, coffee stirrers, nail sticks, magnum sticks, party items, craft sticks, decorative picks, cervical scrapers, wooden BBQ skewer, wooden barbecue stick, barbecue stick, wooden cob skewer, bamboo skewer, wood skewers, wooden sandwich sticks, and much, much more.

KEVIN BOYLE’s book, A Home for Wayward Girls, won the New Issues Poetry contest and was published in 2005. His poems have appeared in Alaska Quarterly, Colorado Review, Cottonwood, Denver Quarterly, Greensboro Review, The Michigan Quarterly Review, North American Review, Northwest Review, Poet Lore, Poetry East and Virginia Quarterly Review. The Lullaby of History won the Mary Belle Campbell Poetry Chapbook Prize and was published in 2002. Originally from Philadelphia, Kevin now lives in North Carolina and teaches at Elon University.