The Burning Day of War

by Lynn Strongin

filled the frame of girlhood;           Illness, not the Confederates marching:
it was impossible to sleep in that night:
one turned to left, then to right: cannons roared. I have a burn on my arm still.

Of course some of my days were dazzling white as birch.

But mainly I remember nights:

the long tunnels
down which jet & winds spilled
their fuel lit then by the imaginative mind of the child.

Lynn Strongin’s “Audubon Wallpaper” is a part of her memoir Indigo. In 2006, the University of Iowa Press will publish her anthology The Sorrow Psalms: A Book of Twentieth Century Elegy . She also has two chapbooks of poems coming out in 2006: Dovey & Me (Solo Press) and The Birds of the Past Are Singing (Cross-Cultural Communications, New York).

from Epileptic Projections