Spring Up Everlasting

by William Woolfitt

from sinkhole, wash-out, cascade
that sheets a cliff-face; glisten us
when we shuck off mourning print
and cadet blue. Ease these fears

of subsidence and dam-bust.
Counter the wind that scours
those who come from thrashings
and revivals, dissipate the fog-shroud

that bewilders dump trucks
and six-tons. Let down droplets
that xylophone a cave-floor.
When storms rattle the pin-oaks,

when the sky is a bruise, give us
the smell of a pawpaw so ripe
it splits, a waterpot of spirit
and truth, a flushed-out creek.

Tell us when the hour comes
for a bubbling-up, a brimming-
over of cistern, or basement,
or stream, that we may bring

buckets, canning jars, our leaky
hands, and fill them with some pitch,
some slurry, some tarry soup
rising at our feet.

WILLIAM WOOLFITT’s poetry collections include Beauty Strip (Texas Review Press, 2014), Charles of the Desert (Paraclete Press, 2016), and Spring Up Everlasting (Paraclete Press, forthcoming). His poems, short stories, and essays appear in Gettysburg ReviewThe Threepenny ReviewAGNI, and other journals. He edits Speaking of Marvels and teaches at Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee.