Military Maneuvers, South of Drowning Creek

by Susan Laughter Meyers

The sky is pocked with parachutes
raining from the belly
                               of the plane,
the fat plane that dropped low
before your windshield
                                                and now hovers
over the field like a cloud, like a ponderous
thought you could not have predicted.

Or is the sky lit
                               by a hundred little suns,
each one sinking to its own twilight?
This unremarkable air,
                                                a threshold
you can’t imagine crossing.

Stop and pay attention, dreamer,
to the weather
                               and all that moves.
To timing and the necessity
of risk, to repetition
                               and the unrepeatable.
The sky of amber silk is falling.

SUSAN LAUGHTER MEYERS is the author of Keep and Give Away (University of South Carolina Press), winner of the inaugural SC Poetry Book Prize, the SIBA Book Award for Poetry, and the Brockman-Campbell Book Award. Her poetry has appeared in numerous journals, as well as Poetry Daily, Verse Daily, and Ted Kooser’s “American Life in Poetry” column. A long-time writing instructor, Meyers lives with her husband in the rural community of Givhans, SC.