Los Angeles (Roughly Translated)

by Spencer Marstiller

Los Angeles translates roughly
into a phrase about Iggy Pop and hairdressers
something of shopping carts
and running down a taxi cab
of typewriters and cigarettes
of the 1950s
of falling in love

it translates into a girl
and a tea garden
and the ocean
but not in that order

it translates into bicycles
and dinosaurs
and late night diners

into rumors of flight and parking decks
and palm trees

it translates into the disabled sun
into neon and asphalt and film
into the story of life after tidal waves
the story of naked bodies

translates roughly into
the beauty of angels

Spencer Marstiller, born in Richmond, Virginia, and educated at St Andrews Presbyterian College is now trying to “make it” as a screenwriter in Los Angeles. His chapbook, Typewriter Umbrellas, is available through St Andrews College Press.

Spencer Marstiller was nominated for Poets Under 30 by Ron Bayes.