Famous Brains

by Cathryn Hankla

There’s something I have to tell you. Sorry,
I said,
But I do. It won’t take forever, but it’s important.
Don’t worry,
You said.
The Osage orange trees will bloom a certain

Blop of brain-like fruit and drop it
All along this path come October.
You’ll just be walking, but your course
Will alter. I opened my mouth.
October, you said. Lime green. Trust me.
Did you know

There’s a brain bank with famous
Right hemispheres preserved in
Formaldehyde? I asked.
And a freezer room full of slices?
Whose? You asked.
Finally, I had your attention.

CATHRYN HANKLA’s the author of eleven books of poetry and fiction, including Last Exposures: a sequence of poems and Fortune Teller Miracle Fish: stories. She is Professor of English & Susan Gager Jackson Professor of Creative Writing at Hollins University.