Brain, Storm

by Caki Wilkinson

Missing the Weatherman
this morning, she invents a storm, the sort
without a center where the wind’s the worst,
that, rather, stretches as if trying to
get comfortable. Wynona’s never been
much good at letting thoughts resolve themselves.
A storm, she thinks, needs landscape to dismantle,
and landscape needs a figure seeking cover.

Missing the Weatherman
this morning, she invents an isthmus, not
a sea in sight, and places at its edge
a lady unaware of what she’s missing
or simply missing nothing while the clouds
well up like clouds, reminding her of clouds.

CAKI WILKINSON is the author of the poetry collection Circles Where the Head Should Be, which won the 2010 Vassar Miller Prize. Her second collection won the 2013 Lexi Rudnitsky/Editor’s Choice Award and is forthcoming from Persea Books.