Atlanta Braves

by Sandra Ann Winters

The moon was full the night you died.
I could see it though the bedroom window,
glossed gold, glazing the dark room with light,
close to the earth, bright, a Supermoon.

I kissed your hands, large now against your shrunken body,
climbed in beside you, held you in my arms,
a wet sponge on your lips, tiny drops of water
squeezed into your thirsty mouth, dry and cracked.

I slept on the floor beside your bed to catch you
from falling out. The hard floor did not bend to my curves.
I could hear your quiet breath. Often I heard it stop,
rose to check on you and whispered, Mother.

You cried a long night, Help me, Help me.
I sang your favorite song, “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.”
You calmed to hear me, your daughter.
Then the moon called you away.

SANDRA ANN WINTERS is the author of the poetry collection, The Place Where I Left You, and the chapbook, Calving Under the Moon. Individual poems have appeared in Southword Journal, the North Carolina Literary Review, The Shoal, and the Wisconsin Review, among others.