Special feature: Deborah Pope

Editor’s note: I’m pleased to present a brief anthology of Deborah Pope’s poetry, including three poems from her debut volume Fanatic HeartPassage; Two A.M.; Hard Climb Road — five poems from Mortal WorldLeaving; Radiant Season; Les Voyeurs; Resolution; and Boy Blowing Bubbles — and five poems from Falling Out of the SkyLines from the Book of Days; Cura Animarum Outside Canaan, West Virginia; Pavane For Sleeping Children; The Third Lesson: Betrayal; and The Angel Yet to Come.

I hope you’ll enjoy this cross-section of her distinguished career. I hope, too, you’ll turn to Louise Taylor’s essay “Exiting Circles of Safety in the Poetry of Deborah Pope,” which we present by way of commentary, or to a Poetic Voices interview with Pope from 1999.


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