Scavenger Heart
by Krista McGruder

Granddad told me where we came from when I was fourteen: Me hopeful of abandoning the polyester training bra based on his recollection of womanly traits.  Occasion was History class, genealogy assignment.  We sanded, stained and hinged seven-foot pressboard.  Triptych of organization, squared-off stenciling, decorative oil paints.

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That’s Not a Baby
by Tony O'Brien

They ambled on to the station platform, a young couple pushing a pram, a baby gurgling and pointing, drinking the new experience like a drug. They sat on the platform seat, first with the pram facing them, then with the pram facing the tracks.

* * *

These Boots Are My Boots by Tomi Shaw

Have you ever noticed before any one person does any one thing, good or bad, they wash first?  Did you know the one common component of cleansers whether it's Milk & Honey bubble bath, Skin So Soft cleansing gel or cucumber melon fingernail polish remover is fragrance?

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excerpt from Sons of God
by Chris Tusa

The baby was a white fist of flesh. Mama had placed the photograph of the ultrasound atop her dresser in a sterling silver frame. That night, when the pain bent her over in the kitchen, I imagined that same white fist punching her insides black-and-blue.

summer 2005

Braille artwork
by Guy Cobb

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The World Through His Eyes: An Interview with Author John Cottle
by Elizabeth P. Glixman

Audubon Wallpaper
by Lynn Strongin

A Letter from Cairo: Room 34 at the Egyptian Museum
by Gretchen McCullough

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Five poems by Charles Wright, selected by Daniel Cross Turner

Oblivion's Glow: The (Post)Southern Sides of Charles Wright. An interview with Charles Wright by Daniel Cross Turner

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Three poems by Angie DeCola

Six poems from Just Us Friends by Nate Pritts

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Twelve poems by Tom Hunley selected by Jeff Newberry

Speaking in Tongues: On the Poetry of Tom Hunley by Jeff Newberry

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"Flea Markets I've Never Visited" by Shane Allison

Two poems by Sheree Renee Thomas

Two poems by M. J. Smith

"The Small Gods" by Allan Peterson

"Reservoir" by Jack Williams

"Detached" by Catherine Hamrick

"What She Thinks About When Sleep Eludes Her" by Suzanne R. Thurman

"Belly Ache" by Anne Silver

"City Growth" by Steven Ray Smith

"X Marks the Spot" by Max Heine