Featured Short Story

The Philosophical History of Corpus Christi, Mississippi
by Josh Shepherd

More Fiction

by R.T. Smith

A Critical Review Of S. Howell's "A Critical Review Of Jazz Music In The Post-Post Modern Era"
by Chris Wilson

Twelve Eternities
by Arthur Haupt

by Julia Thomas

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Read the year's best online short stories in the storySouth Million Writers Award (Named a Hot Site
by USA Today)

summer 2004

artwork by Guy Cobb

Imitating Art: Guy Cobb, Shelby Farms and the Distillation of Life and Place by William Gill

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storySouth News

storySouth fiction editor Jason Sanford interviewed in 2005 Novel and Short Story Writer's Market. more

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Special Nonfiction Feature

Southerners Abroad:
Views on the World Through Southern Eyes

Excerpts from Indigo, a memoir-in-progress by Lynn Strongin. Part 1 : Savior
Part 2: Getting to Gettysburg

Wearing the Wrong Skin by Erich Roby Sysak

Peace Corps, Club-Med Style by Jason Sanford

The Road to Drumcree by Stephen Ausherman 

Thomas Rabbitt Feature

Thomas Rabbitt's Poetry

An Interview with Thomas Rabbitt by Dan Albergotti

More Poetry

John Beecher anthology
(A thicket / storySouth double feature)

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How to Identify Birds by Lisa Rashley

Lexicon on the Half Shell and These Be the Sliding Days by Drew Perry

My Cotillion by Debra Varnado

My Old Man and Incredible TV Package by Shane Allison

Lifejackets and Bridge to Woodall by Thorpe Moeckel

A Revenge for Grace by Clay Matthews

Exegesis and The Last Day of Summer by Jeff Newberry

Letter and Watching Buzzards by Cassie Sparkman