5 Ways of Looking South

The Mountain's Laughter is a Landslide in the Seed Moon's Light by J. M. Scoville (see also Introduction to a new writer: J. M. Scoville by Jason Sanford)

Divination by Krista McGruder

The Philosophical History of Corpus Christi, Mississippi by Josh Shepherd

Butterfly McQueen's Oscar: A Lie by Corey Mesler

Stranded at the Top of a Ferris Wheel with Judy Long, County Fairgrounds, April 7, 1982 by Scott Yarbrough

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Be sure to read thicket,
a new literary magazine focusing on Alabama writers. thicket is edited by Jake Adam York, produced by storySouth, and published by the Alabama Center for Literary Arts at Alabama Southern Community College.

Artwork by Dennis Finley, Guy Cobb, Terry Rentzepis, and Allen Peterson

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Introduction to Looking South

What Comes of a Life?
by Jason Sanford

Ways of Looking South
by Jake Adam York

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3 Ways of Looking South

If You Hear It, Tell It
by Susan Snively

Cattle Drive by Angela E. Gabriel

In Search of Home: A Sermon Outline by Jeremy Huggins

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The winner of this year's storySouth Million Writers Award is Alicia Gifford's "Toggling the Switch. more

storySouth News: Author wins 2005 Washington Writing Prize for Short Fiction with story published in storySouth. more

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spring 2005


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13 Ways of Looking South

Jeanie Thompson "Slave Gag"

Forrest Gander "Field Guide to Southern Virginia"

Lisette Garcia "Posterity/Posteridad"

Natasha Trethewey "Storyville Diary"

J. Robert Shull "Under Peabody Mountain"

Kevin Simmonds "One for Strom"

R. T. Smith "Azaleas"

Ron Rash "The Skeleton in The Dogwood"

Cassie Sparkman "Watching Buzzards"

David Kirby "James Dickey's Dream"

Diann Blakely "I'm A Steady Rolling Man" (published in conjunction with thicket)

Jack Bedell "At the Bonehouse"

Janet McAdams "Daughter of No One"