Featured Short Story

Driscoll Peden
by David J. LeMaster

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Featured Novella

Leon's Rib
by Geronimo Madrid

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More Fiction

by Sefi Atta

News Travels Fast Down Here, or the Gospel According to Queen James by M. Ayodele Heath

The Day He Flew
by Jerry Portwood

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storySouth, spring 2004

Janet McAdams Feature

Twin, Disappearing and The Daughter of No On

Interview with the Reader

More Poetry

Three Poems
by Marcus Slease

One for Strom and Deliverance
by Kevin Simmonds

Otherness and Gray, 1981, by Cherryl Floyd-Miller

Raspberries by Nathan Leslie

Long Distance, As Much As, and When
by Allan Peterson

Blues Suite and Judas Flower by Gregory Powell

The Revolver and Gone
by Chris Tusa