The 2015 storySouth Million Writers Award

The goal of the storySouth Million Writers Award is to honor and promote the best fiction published in online literary journals and magazines during 2014.

2015 Winners

Following the completion of voting, we are excited to announce the winners of the 2015 storySouth Million Writers Award:

1. “The Snow Children” by Wendy Oleson
2. “Jermyn” by Chikodili Emelumadu
3. “Syndication” by Allegra Hyde

2015 Finalists

Congratulations to the finalists in the 2015 storySouth Million Writers Award! Voting is now closed, and the winner will be announced later in January 2016!

Better than Google” by Joe Pitkin
F-Man” by Colette Sartor
Jermyn” by Chikodili Emelumadu
Miss Columbia Basin” by Heather Brittain Bergstrom
Poppy’s Got Priors” by Joanell Serra
The Snow Children” by Wendy Oleson
Stay” by Zachary Amendt
Syndication” by Allegra Hyde
Throwing in the Towel” by Billy O’Callaghan
Twelve in the Black” by John Thornton Williams

2015 Nominations

The following stories have been nominated for this year’s award. Congratulations to all authors who have been nominated!

The Adirondack Review :
"Last Night At Perky's" by Stephen Ornes :

Anthem Journal :
"Childhood Snapshots" by HC Hsu :

Cha: An Asian Literary Journal :
"The Last Blog and Testament of the Shui Gui" by Phillip Donnelly :
"Getting Here" by Henry Wei Leung :
"Glory Be To The Father" by Kyra Ballesteros :

The Baltimore Review :
"American Metal" by Craig Buchner :
"Charlevoix" by Justin Brouckaert :
"The Farm Before the Hills" by Rebecca Orchard :
"A Memory of Hands" by Michael Gray :

Bartleby Snopes :
"The Baby" by Stephen V Ramey :
"Culpability" by Heather Clitheroe :
"King and the Sky" by Christina Qiu :

Bellevue Literary Review :
"Throwing in the Towel" by Billy O'Callaghan :

Blackbird: an online journal of literature & the arts :
"The Fortunate " by C. Dale Young :
"Ode on an Asian Dog" by Reema Rajbanshi :
"The Starveling " by Kelly Cherry :

The Boiler Journal :
"On The Euphrates" by Jon Chopan :
"Slow Time" by Andrew Nicholls :
"Packing" by Leah Griesmann :

Buffalo Almanack :
"What the Sea Brings" by Katherine Forbes Riley :

cahoodaloodaling :
"Brick" by Paul Beckman :
"The Color of Tarsiers" by Clinton Crockett Peters :
"Lucky Cat" by N. West Moss :

Carve Magazine :
"Entr'acte" by Mark Connelly :
"F-Man" by Colette Sartor :
"Journeyers" by Keely Bowers :
"Safe, Somewhere" by Baird Harper :
"The Snow Children" by Wendy Oleson :

Circa: A Journal of Historical Fiction :
"The Barry Building Explosion" by Dan Crosby :
"The Inventive Step" by Andrew Battershill :
"Sideshow" by Charlie Riccardelli :

Crab Fat Literary Magazine :
"The Cotton Breath" by Robin Throne :

decomP :
"Duct Tape" by Matthew Lykins :
"In Ocala" by Zach VandeZande :
"You Don't Even Have to Go Outside to See" by Jennifer Dunn :

"The Death of Your Son: A Flow Chart" by Alexander McElroy :

Dialogual Magazine :
"The Rules of Elegy" by Paul Weidknecht :!The-Rules-of-Elegy/c599/14AA09B9-AC7F-46EF-9114-2693EF31DAD1

Eclectica :
"313" by Andrea Cetra :
"American Leather" by Raul Palma :
"Better Than Google" by Joe Pitkin :
"Eggshells" by Connor Greer :
"The Event" by Ovo Adagha :
"Flow" by Stephanie Austin :
"Inadequate Vessels" by Jeff Ewing :
"Jack Strongbow in Love" by John Givens :
"Jermyn" by Chikodili Emelummadu :
"The Lady with the Red Van" by Lou Gaglia :
"Maybe I Should Call This Fiction" by Soma Mei Sheng Frazier :
"Poppy's Got Priors" by Joanell Serra :
"A Rogue Age" by Will Lasky :
"Travels through Time and Space with Zora" by Lynn Mundell :
"An Ugly Man's Guide to Self Improvement" by Will Lasky :
"A Very Complicated and Massive Suburban Drug Operation" by Alex Norcia :
"You Have Now Eaten Thirty-Four Spiders" by Sean Gill :

Fiddleblack :
"Hospice" by Karin Anderson :
"Sharpening the Sickle to Shame the Scythe" by Matthew Jakubowski :
"Sugar Maple" by Christie Grimes :

Forge :
"Asymmetry" by Kendra Fortmeyer :
"Shadowmate" by Sam Grieve :
"Something Great and Lofty" by Blake Kilgore :

The Future Fire :
"The Birdwatcher" by Jocelyn Koehler :
"Seven Bridges" by Francesca Forrest :
"Tears of the Gods" by Sarah L. Byrne :

fwriction : review :
"Apollonia at the Retirement Home for Great Apes" by Martha Otis :
"Ogdensburg" by Myfanwy Collins :
"Some Girl" by Beth Gilstrap :

Go Read Your Lunch :
"Chindi" by Eric Shonkwiler :
"Frequencies Between" by Eric Shonkwiler :
"Inheritance" by Stephanie Liden :

Green Mountains Review :
"The Loft" by Blake Kimzey :

Grist: The Journal for Writers :
"Backcountry Devils" by Jennifer Christie :
"I Haven't Always Been the Walt Whitman Service Area on the New Jersey Turnpike" by Rob Roensch :

Indiana Voice Journal :
"Mimmi And Me In Paradise" by Peter Fraser :
"Only Nada Lives On The Other Side Of Mountains " by Muhammad Nasrullah Khan :
"The Tree" by Carroll Susco :

Intellectual Refuge :
"Someday, I’ll Tell You Why She Left" by Patrick Donovan :

Interfictions Online :
"The Etiquette" by S. Craig Renfroe Jr. :
"Isaiahs at the Diner" by Matthew Lattanzi :
"Touch" by Debbie Urbanski :

Jersey Devil Press :
"Vital: A Love Story" by Ally Malinenko :

Jewish : issue/
"No Sanctuary" by Gloria Garfunkel :

Kaleidotrope :
"To the Heart of the City" by Desmond Warzel :

Kindle Magazine :
"Renegade" by Qadri Inzamam :

Knee-Jerk :
"Slights" by Nicholas Lepre :

Kudzu House Quarterly :
"The Bookstore" by Joyce E Hicks :
"Buddy and Lurch" by Beth Gilstrap :
"Ship John Light" by Nate House :

The Lascaux Review :
"Ana's Dance" by Donna Miscolta :
"Rabbit Suit" by Julia Lynn Rubin :

Lime Hawk :
"Poets and Scholars" by Neil Carpathios :
"This Is How I Leave You" by Taylor Grieshober :
"The House next Door Had a Swimming Pool" by Andy Myers :

Literary Orphans :
"Fireflies and She Gave Me Her Words" by Gloria Garfunkel :

The Masters Review :
"Stay" by Zachary Amendt :
"Twelve in the Black" by John Thornton Williams :

Menda City Review :
"Empty" by Cody T Luff :

The Milo Review :
"Mary Loved to Dance" by Cyn Bermudez :

Monkeybicycle :
"Soap Bubble Words" by Lana Spendl :
"To Repair a Hole They Had Never Broken" by Bayo Ojikutu :
"The White Girl Comes Back to Life" by Reem Abu-Baker :

Narrative Magazine :
"Elba in Brooklyn" by Doug Benerofe :
"Miss Columbia Basin " by Heather Brittain Bergstrom :

Nashville Review :
"Syndication" by Allegra Hyde :

A Necessary Fiction :
"A Necessary Fiction" by Zach VandeZande :

The Normal School (online) :
"Devil's Bridge" by Wendy Oleson and Kate McIntyre :

One Throne Magazine :
"Cutcomb" by Sarah Marshall :!cutcomb/c68d
"Everything is More Beautiful Here" by Mary Renzi :!everything-is-more-beautiful-here/c11d8
"Notes from a Discarded Memoir" by Timothy Ogene :!notes-from-a-discarded-memoir/cbab
"The Past, of Course" by Nikki Vogel :!the-past-of-course/c1c3a
"The Second Coming of Dambudzo Marechera" by Tendai Huchu :!the-second-coming-of-dambudzo-marechera/c1wul

Ostrich Review :
"Penance" by Lou Gaglia :

"Fraternal Twins" by Robert Busby :

Pithead Chapel :
"Sore Losers" by Lou Gaglia :

Plots With Guns :
"Bart on Cleanup, Or How He Earned His Gun" by Larry Menlove :

Post Road :
"The Summer Hannah Wore a Hat" by Matt Izzi :

Quantum Fairytales :
"The Lost Girl" by Brandon Dudley :

Quarterly West :
"The Demon at Montgomery Hill" by Laura Steadham Smith :

The Revelator :
"Stories I Tell to Friends" by Richard Bowes :

Southword :
"Last Christmas" by Billy O'Callaghan :

Spartan :
"Horse" by Allegra Hyde :
"The Hummingbird's Anti-Torpor" by Joel Hans :
"The Wreck of the Frederick W. Danby" by Paul Luikart :

Split Lip Magazine :
"Call Me Randy" by Eric Lloyd Blix :!11-eric-lloyd-blix/c1xv3

The Squawk Back :
"Terminal Girls" by John Pistelli :

Strange Horizons :
"A Moon for the Unborn" by Indrapramit Das :
"Saltwater Economics" by Jack Mierzwa :
"Such Lovely Teeth, Such Big Teeth" by Carlie St. George :
"Kenneth: A User's Manual" by Sam J. Miller :

Sunstone :
"The Blood of Thy Son" by Larry Menlove :

storysouth :
"Universal Lost and Found" by Charlotte Matthews :

Wag's Revue :
"How I Came to Love Kelly Sand's Sister" by Alex McElroy :

Witness :
"Flight of the Crowboys" by Micah Dean Hicks :
"The Blond Vaughn" by Michael Hyde :

Word Riot :
"Rainy Night in the Hospital of Animals" by Brenda Peynado :

Wraparound South :
"Betelgeuse" by L. Annette Binder :
"The Tree Man" by Lynne Barrett :

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