Featured Short Story

Portrait of the Artist as an Old Drunk
by Christopher Orlet

More Fiction

by David Galef

by Mark Bowen

by Timothy Davis

How to Feed
A Fable

by Kat Meads

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Be sure to check out thicket, a new literary magazine focusing on Alabama writers. thicket is edited by Jake Adam York, produced by storySouth, and published by the Alabama Center for Literary Arts at Alabama Southern Community College.

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storySouth News

storySouth announces Pushcart nominations and Stephen Ausherman's essay "The Road to Drumcree" wins NATJA award. more

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fall 2004

by Terry Rentzepis

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Special Feature

Old 82
by Kevin Pritchard
(an exploration of a classic southern road)

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excerpt from The Mississippi Diaries
by Joy Bouldin

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Who Wears Short Shorts? Micro Stories and MFA Disgust
by Jason Sanford

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Featured Poet

Diann Blakely feature
(A thicket / storySouth double feature)

More Poetry

Four Poems by Susan Settlemyre Williams

Four Poems from Epileptic Projections by Lynn Strongin

First Dance Epithalamion and What the Dead Dream by Beth Bachmann

Predilection, Waking and Wayward Girls by Kevin Boyle

I Come Out of the Nightclub Thinking by Sean Ennis

Adagio by Matt Henriksen

Morning, Minnesott, and Junk: A Love Poem by Terry Kennedy

The Grape Slips Its Skin by Carol Parris Krauss

Scores from the Getaway and the Overcorrection by Jason Nemec

Tobacco Mistress by Nochipa Pablio

Cyclamens and Pink Jasmine by Amy Pence

By the River, a Pause, by Joanna Pearson

Marietta Street by Susan Snively

The Ghost the Night Becomes by D. Antwan Stewart

The Barge Worker’s Common Law Wife, A Letter, by Jon Thrower