in the dark a white-lit screen: watercannons spraying praying people on Qasr-El Nil Bridge humans shielding mummies books Akhenaton which way will the army go chanting pours through my husband’s laptop selmeya selmeya peaceful peaceful he says the screen shows screens in Tahrir gone black the Square itself black except for the flashes should we mute the sound of gunshots eshop yureed eshop yureed what the hell does it mean the people want the people want the fall of the fall of the you say they say the people want bread the barrier between us and our president was broken by teargas says a man in the news who cannot mute cannot shut the screen to teargas a fog from this distance up close the canisters expired dates made in usa etched in metal in Arabic “the people” is singular which does not translate

ANDY YOUNG is a poet and essayist and is the co-founder of Meena, a bilingual Arabic-English literary journal. Her poetry collection All Night It Is Morning was published in 2014 by Di´logos Press. She teaches at Tulane University, New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, and is a free-lance writer for Heinemann’s Guided Reading program. Her work has appeared in places such as Los Angeles Review of Books, Guernica, New World Writing, and One, as well as in electronic and flamenco music and as elements in visual art. You can find her book here. “The People Is Singular” was published as “Mubasher” in the chapbook The People Is Singular (Press Street Press, 2012) and in All Night It Is Morning (Diálogos Press, 2014).