What It Is


Sometimes it’s better to look an ugly thing in the eye and call it your dog than to act all it ain’t mine or act all this dog is a wolf when the dog is more a hamster or act all this dog is transformed by my love when the dog remains ugly. Let it be your ugly dog. Make fun of it. But feed it the biggest, leanest lamb cuts mixed with brown rice softened in broth. And when your neighbor’s pitbull picks up your patchy, fawning, delicate dog crosswise in its mouth like a bear lifting a big fish, shoot that mean, wrong, asshole of a neighbor’s dog kersmack between the shoulders and pry your dog free.

DAVID BRUZINA currently teaches reading, writing and rhetoric in the English Department of the University of South Carolina Aiken. He enjoys cooking, fishing, hunting, arguing, and goofing around with dogs.