The War Reporter Paul Watson
Was Talking to His Mother


and I asked her, Did you ever ask him about what happens after? He’d been sick for a while, of the same kidney disease that’s killing me. Did my father believe he’d be going somewhere? And she said, Well how should I know? Ha ha ha. We just talked about, you know, how to take care of all you kids, what our savings account was and all that sort of thing. And I said, You know, I find this hard to believe. He’s staring into the abyss—how could he face this fact? And she just shrugged and answered, Bravely, I suppose. And, well, that kind of told me everything I need to know.

DAN O’BRIEN is a poet and playwright in Los Angeles. His collection War Reporter is forthcoming this year from Hanging Loose Press in New York and CB Editions in London. His play about Paul Watson, The Body of an American, premiered recently at Portland Center Stage.