Craig Nova Non-Fiction Reading


On Thursday, 19 November 2009, Craig Nova read at the Weatherspoon Museum on Spring Garden Street in Greensboro, NC. His reading was part of Will Read For Food, an annual benefit for Greensboro charities. The event was sponsored by the MFA Writing Program at UNC Greensboro. Fiction writer Michael Parker organized the event and introduced the readers.

Craig Nova is the award-winning author of twelve novels and one autobiography. His latest novel, The Informer, will be published in March 2010. Nova’s writing has appeared in Esquire, The Paris Review, The New York Times Magazine, and Men’s Journal, among others. He has received an Award in Literature from the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters and is a recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship. In 2005 he was named Class of 1949 Distinguished Professor in the Humanities at UNC Greensboro.

Nova read a non-fiction piece titled “Flying with Jack.” Read the opening of his essay or listen to his entire reading, in mp3 format.